Shit hit the Fan!

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These are just a few of the pics that started it all.
These pics were originally archived back in November of '97 named "Send , Lawyers , Guns and Money". It was only LATER that we would realize how TRUE the title of this archive would turn out to be.
It all started when we were contacted by a man stated that he was retiring from a local sheriff's department and thought that allowing us to use his policecar and weapons for a photoshoot would be a great retirement prank.............well, when we agreed to do the shoot, he then informed us that he was not just a retiring Sheriff's deputy , but also the MAYOR of Snowhill, our county seat!!

I pointed out to him that this is perhaps NOT the best career move he could make from a political standpoint, but he insisted that his constituents knew him and have always regarded him as a practical joker, and would feel that the photoshoot was a Real Hoot!

WRONG...........a Month after the Shoot, the Police raided our home 2 days before Christmas, seizing all the Original Photo files, email messages and telephone answering machine recordings.
Although, Cbaby and I were NOT charged with anything, and cleared of any wrong doing.........the Mayor was arrested the following day.
Word of the arrest spread Quickly to Every TV, Radio, and Newspaper in the Country, and The WETLANDS became an immediate hit.
Unfortunately, things did not work out so well with the Mayor. He was thrown out of office with a recall vote and found guilty of malfeasance of office and lost alot of credibility with his friends and peers. He still to this day is amazed at how categorically wrong he anticipated what the reaction to the shoot would be.

On a side note: The town of Snowhill has been sinking in the depths of economic decay since the Mayor's ousting.....perhaps they NEED to call him back!

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